Our Story


„La Piola Italian Restaurant & Bar“, now located in Wan Chai G/F n.60 Johnston road in one of the most historically relevant building of the everechanging city of Hong Kong, was first established in the year 2010, in its original location at N.8 Lyndhurst Terrace in Central, and became in a short period of time, the place where the italian community hanged out.

Created by two partners, Enrico Gili and Mira Olsak, two food and wine veterans who have worked in the hospitality industry for over 40 years combined, La Piola was opened with the purpose of providing not only food and drinks but also a real italian coltural experience in the hearth of the Hong Kong.

La Piola is the perfect place for the community to gather and to enjoy italian traditions such as our bespoke „Aperitivo“ that features our famous „Aperol Spritz“. Aperitivo is the Italian custom of enjoying finger food and drinks prior to go back home for dinner.

Our goal is to deliver a product, no matter wether if it is food or beverage, made with the freshest italian ingredients following traditional receipies, presented in a more contemporary style and delivered with a smile. Our new location couldn’t have been more appropriate: merging old and new, tradition and innovation, east and west help us taking our guests for a cultural journey.

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The Founders


Enrico and Mira started talking about opening a restaurant together while they were working in the same restaurant in Sydney, Australia, over 13 years ago. Once they crossed path professionally again in Hong Kong, it didn’t take long for that to become reality and so La Piola was born.

The name „Piola“ its a word in Piedmont dialect and in its meaning is the equivalent of what in England would be a local pub: in substance it is a place for family to gather, a place where to meet with friends and enjoy in a relaxed and warm environment.

Enrico, being from that particular area of Italy, Piedmont, and coming from a family of winemakers, restoranteurs and white truffle pickers, dreamt for many years of opening a Restaurant and wine bar in which he could showcase the culture and the products of his land, and take people for a jurney, offering a break from the busy city life, an adventure driven by passion, a journey to a land impregnated by folklore, traditions, great food and superb wines.

Trying to stick to what such concept offers in Italy, La Piola is a place to enjoy a one drink stop after work, on the way home, as much as it is a place where one can spend hours tasting good wines, delicious cheases and cold cuts. 

Perfect for an afternoon coffe but at the same time great for a family dinner or a cocktail at the bar where the atmosphere is vibrant utill late. The bar offers a whide choices of Vermouths, and many other typical itaian liquores that makes the whole experience diverse from the average bar, by bringing the element of novelty and with it the fun to taste something new.

La Piola has always balanced innovation and tradition. The spot that made the Aperol Spritz famous in this city is now ready for a number of new and exciting surprises all for you to discover.